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 - [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​shared.txt|shared.txt]] Solaris shared library FAQ\\ - [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​shared.txt|shared.txt]] Solaris shared library FAQ\\
 - [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​dso.txt|dso.txt]] DSO explanation from SGI IRIX\\ - [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​dso.txt|dso.txt]] DSO explanation from SGI IRIX\\
-- [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​mipsabi32.pdf|mipsabi32.pdf]] MIPS ABI\\ +- "​Linkers and Loaders"​ by John R. Levine\\ 
-- "​Linkers and Loaders"​ by John R. Levine+- [[https://​wiki.osdev.org/​System_V_ABI|System V ABI]]\\ 
 +-- [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​mipsabi32.pdf|mipsabi32.pdf]] MIPS ABI 
 ==== Building binutils ==== ==== Building binutils ====