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   * [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​es1869techmanual.pdf|ESS ES1869]] Audio Drive solution   * [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​es1869techmanual.pdf|ESS ES1869]] Audio Drive solution
   * [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​cx4234_or_cs4235_datasheet.pdf|CS4235 CrystalClear]] Low Cost ISA Audio System   * [[http://​wiki.sensi.org/​download/​doc/​cx4234_or_cs4235_datasheet.pdf|CS4235 CrystalClear]] Low Cost ISA Audio System
 +====== Другое ======
 +  * [[msys2_mingw|Установка и использование MSYS2 и Mingw-64]]